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Information for Buyers & Sellers

Are you buying or selling real estate? Whether you're in Northern Michigan or anywhere in the USA, we have information to help make your experience as easy as possible!


Being a home will probably be the largest investment you ever make - many times larger than a purchase of a car, mutual fund, or other assets. Having a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent  is critical as they help you avoid missteps in your home purchase.

Before looking for a home, you want to ask yourself these questions:

What's my housing budget?

What's the neighborhood like?

What are the schools like?

Is the location prone to natural disasters?

What's included when I buy?

How many days has the house been on the market?

Click here for more questions to ask before looking for a home


While purchasing a home can be a very emotional process, selling a home is more focused on maximizing your profits.

In order to achieve this, consider the following tips:

Stage your home by emptying up to half of the furniture to improve its appearance

Find the best time of year to list your home

If you are near traffic, consider hosting an open house

Get a professional photographer to take pictures of your home

Tips on pricing and marketing your home competitively and effectively

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